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Using S series vacuum systems (either mobile or centralised), the entire facility can be kept clean, including production areas, cranes, furnaces and filters. The system helps reduce maintenance cost by recovering any product spillage. It also contributes to a safer, cleaner workplace for operators.


S series mobile or centralised vacuum systems are capable of cleaning the entire plant. Conveyor belts, production lines, packaging and dispatching areas and elevators can all benefit from vacuum cleaning. An integrated system can function without causing a halt to production. It helps save money by recovering the product and economising maintenance costs. And it also helps create a safe, clean working environment for operators.


A centralised S series cleaning system can remove ash from furnaces, reddler and screw conveyors, and electro filter hoppers. Integrated vacuum cleaning helps reduce costs by making maintenance more efficient, and by allowing you to recover any product spillage. It also contributes to a clean, safe space for employees.


Mobile vacuum units allow you to collect liquids or solid metal chips from tool machines. The AS series allows for convenient filling, filtering and emptying of oil or coolants for tool machines. The DS series removes any solid metal dust or chips, providing easy cleaning and maintenance for tool machines.


Vacuum units can be adapted to suit the needs of a packaging facility. They allow easy loading of packing materials, and can also recover any spilled materials, helping to economise on costs.


A centralised F100 cleaning system can remove ashes from the top of a furnace, and also clear any row material dust from a preparation area. Broken glass can be removed from a moulding machine by using a mobile DS 5000 fitted with dedusting F filters. A glassworks free of ash and dust creates a higher quality of glass. Costs are reduced by recovering any product spillages, while also improving the quality of your workplace environment. Plus, by integrating a vacuum cleaning system into your facility, you can avoid any costly halts to production.


A centralised F100 system, or mobile DS series system, can ensure that ovens and production or transfer lines are kept clean. This results in a higher quality product, and guarantees decreased chances of contamination for food
products. Plus, a reduction of waste and easy recovery of excess production helps reduce costs.


DS series vacuum loaders can be adapted to suit a variety of chemical industries. They allow for easy transfer and loading of solid chemical components, and help ensure high quality for the final product.


Mobile or centralised S series vacuum systems can clean furnaces, filters, loading cranes and production areas. By recovering any product spillage, they help to reduce production costs. They also help maintain a clean, safe workspace for employees.


Centralised S series or F100 Top systems can remove dust from the surface of a plant. This helps reduce the risk of an explosion, while also contributing to a clean and safe environment for operators.


A mobile or centralised B series vacuum system can collect flying fibres from looms, spinning machines and the general production area. This helps produce a superior product, free from contamination by the fibres. It also improves environmental quality, making for a safer and healthier workplace.